About us

Edita Aranda Monsalve is passionate about the Interior Design world. From the initial vision to the finish details she pours her heart and knowledge into her work to accomplish the ideal space for her clients; where form, beauty and function have have the same relevance. 

Edita is originally from Lima, Peru where she earned a degree of Architectural Drafting from the Metropolitan Institute of Technology. She is an adventurous woman who firmly thinks everything is possible with a great amount of perseverance, talent and hard work. This philosophy was key when she moved to the United States to pursue her dream of having her own business. Noticing the great opportunity to make a statement in the construction market she completed her studies of Interior Design at The Art Institute of Atlanta and launched her company Kitchen Cabinets-Atlanta.

The result of more than a decade of experience is a remodeling company that provides the best client service, offering a unique and exclusive design and execution of impeccable work to achieve the space of your dreams.

Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta

Who we are:

Kitchen Cabinets- Atlanta has been in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling business for the past 10 years as an established company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.

The company has never compromised on the quality and services provided because we firmly believe in always surpassing our clients’ expectations and providing them with great products at a very competitive price. The positive feedback we have received in more than 300 projects is something that we are proud of and we look forward to building long-term relationships with our clients and the community.






Provide remodeling work that prioritizes
the maximization of space, creative solutions, excellent products and great style to materialize your dream kitchen and/or bathroom


Become an established brand in the remodeling business in Atlanta to help people achieve their ideal space and being recognized as an expert in online design.