How to clean your kitchen and bathrooms and don’t die trying?

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April 6, 2017

How to clean your kitchen and bathrooms and don’t die trying?

I will share with you some tricks and tips to clean all the surfaces in your kitchen and bathrooms efficiently (with the help of your family, of course!)


– Use microfiber cloths and lint rollers to trap dust and dirt easily.
– Start with surfaces closest to the ceiling and work your way down. Try to establish this routine every other week.
– Once a year, blow dust off your chandelier with a hair dryer set on low heat.


– Number 1 piece of advice: Wear gloves!
– Use paper towels and microfiber cloths.
– Use an all-purpose spray cleaner for hard surfaces and let the product sit for three to five minutes before wiping it away.
– Never combine ammonia and bleach (It creates a toxic gas called chloramine) and never mix two different brands of drain cleaners.


– Mop your floor in sections. Mop a 4-to-6-square-foot area, rinse your mop, wring it out, then do another block.
– For sealed hardwood, use a minimal amount of hot water and don’t use soap or cleaner because it will ruin the shine. It the wood floors are unsealed, just sweep, dust mop or vacuum instead.
– Porcelain tiles are easy to clean, just use warm water and a mild floor cleaner.


– This chore should be the last one to collect dust and dirt. Vacuum curtains first, then upholstery and finally your floors.
– It your vacuum has a bag, replace it, if it’s more than two thirds full. If it’s the bagless kind, empty the canister.
– It can take seven passes over a rug or carpet to pick all the dirt trapped in the fibers. Do strokes in one direction, the turn 90 degrees and vacuum the other way. At the end, give the entire room a second pass in both directions.

Happy cleaning!