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January 4, 2017
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July 30, 2017

Storage trends for kitchens in 2017!

The most important aspects when we think about storage in a kitchen are function, accessibility and aesthetics. The lifestyle changes in the last 40 years have been affecting the way we design kitchens. In fact, storage is often the reason people look to renovate their kitchens. The list of options that can enhance storage is endless, the question is obvious: What are the trends for 2017?

1. Exposed storage: The number one tip to keep your kitchen clutter-free is reserving the lower shelves for frequently used dishes, cookware and spices and store special occasion dishware on the higher shelves. Don’t mind to add a favorite toy or memento to lend personality and charm. Number one priority? Be sure never overload your shelves with too many dishes.

2. Under counter refrigerator drawers: These units put fresh and frozen food storage where you need it. There are a lot of models for every need, and with the addition of custom door and drawer panels, there’s no room style they can’t match.

3. Corner drawers: There are several vertical solutions to maximize the corner created by your L-shaped kitchen workstation, but a 45-degree-angled stack of drawers at least uses half of the void leftover space. Besides, the interior of the drawers can be customized with various compartments, partitions and other features to make sure everything is more organized.

4. Magnetic knife blocks and bars: A solution that makes easy to keep your cutlery sharp and organized. From convenient countertop blocks to magnetic bars that mount beautifully on the wall, it’s a cleaner and more sanitary than traditional knife blocks.

5. Appliance garages: Coffee makers, mixers, toasters take up a lot of physical and visual space. An appliance garage is a great way to keep these items accessible yet out of sight and it can fit seamlessly into your kitchen design through a flip-up hatch or bi-parting cabinet doors. Make sure to plan for multiple electrical outlets and have them installed prior to the cabinet installation.

6. Pantries: The best way to create a more peaceful and harmonious room is to add a pantry. If you already have a pantry, add a built-in stool to make the higher shelves accessible and a light that automatically turns on when the door is opened, this way no one has to fumble with the switch.

We hope you enjoy and consider all the great possibilities of kitchen storage. Remember: That’s one of the best ways to achieve a simpler and organized life in your home!