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December 16, 2016
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April 6, 2017

Winter is here!

One of the most enjoyable parts of owning a house is deciding the color scheme of every room. Since color has a measurable effect on mood, we invite you to incorporate some minor touches in your decoration to change the atmosphere completely.

The winter months don’t have to be gloomy, you can focus on giving your house a warm feeling to cozy up from the cold outside or accentuate a winter wonderland. Either way, you will have fun!

Winter Warmth
If you want spark throughout your home and you like modern decor, tangerine is a great color to spice up an accent wall as an accouterment to more subtle blues and greens that lay over a neutral background.

Another great look that adds spice to a neutral background is mustard yellow.

A Cool Christmas
A traditional choice for a cooler room is gold, the more you use it, the more that the room opens up and of course a few metallic accent pieces are an excellent strategy for a modern décor. Use it lighter since a little bit of metal tends to go a long way.

The cool blue known as celadon is another great way to keep the room cool in the winter months.

It’s time to renew your surroundings with the latest trends! We hope you take advantage of these options in order to give your home a breath of fresh air in the next months! Visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!